Breadboard style table on chalk painted base - 66" x 39"

This table was advertised as “solid wood” but turned out to be oak veneer. But we reclaimed it anyway to use as a test piece. The top was stripped and the scratches and scrapes highlighted to enhance the antique look. Then the top was refinished with Minwax Polyshades Ebony. Terrible product to work with, but the finished result looks good. The base was painted with a new recipe for chalk paint; turned out to be the best one so far. The base is currently flat black without any topcoat so the chalk paint will gradually show calcification over time. The base can be further “antiqued”, or topcoated with polyurethane for a more finished look. And the base looked so good with the chalk paint that we decide to paint over the top border strip that turned out too shiny with the Polyshades varnish! Because this table isn’t solid wood and it was used as a test piece, it’s for sale for half of what similar tables generally sell for; just $250.


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