Reclaimed fir table on chalk painted base - 60" x 40"

The message with this table is “Trust your instincts!”. When looking at the reclaimed fir to make the top it was clear that the wood was reclaimed, but it looked awfully new. Bought it anyway, since it is beautiful full dimensional 2″ fir. But after the table top was assembled the planks warped (even though they are 2″ thick) and it looks a little more “rustic” than planned. Really old, reclaimed wood won’t warp like this (or at least all the warping happened decades ago), so “trust your instincts”. The top has been left unfinished so that it can be custom stained. The base was a flat black already, but it was repainted with our new recipe for chalk paint. The base is without any topcoat so the chalk paint will gradually show calcification over time. The base can be further “antiqued”, or topcoated with polyurethane for a more finished look. Because of the warp in the table top we’ve discounted the price substantially; just $299.


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